Magento POS extension supports offline selling by enabling shop assistants/admin to create orders right from Magento admin panel all on one page!

  • Instant search for products and add to cart
  • Billing Address, Shipping method, Payment method and Order review are displayed together for correction at any step any time
  • Auto-update latter Shipping, Payment steps when there are changes to earlier Billing address, Shipping address steps
  • Use the swipe-card function when making payments

Magenot POS Extension

Thứ Năm, 21 tháng 11, 2013

Magestore Magento Extensions are outstanding

Adding 25+ magento extensions of Magestore to Taylor Stone, Garth Brodie – the Web store owner is always fully pleased about our Support service. His store has been designed in the professional way and intrigues more people thanks for the Affiliate channel. Let’s discover what he thinks of our products and service as well.
Company name: Taylor Stone located in California, USA
Product: Handcrafted Skincare products at
magento extensions
Homepage of Taylor Stone supported by magento extensions
Magento product list
(Product page of Taylor Stone)
AliceHi Garth, thanks for your appearance today. Could you please introduce your Taylor Stone to us?
Garth: My daughter Amanda and I built up Taylor Stone in 2010. This Taylor Stone combines quality ingredients with creative packaging to produce excellent and uniquely handcrafted skincare. Our products are also intent to benefit the earth as a green company. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, our packaging is meant to be reused and repurposed.
AliceI see that there are quite many Magestore’s extensions installed on your store. Are you totally satisfied with them?
GarthAfter choosing Magento as our cart program, the best thing we did was get Magestore extensions. Every extension has worked very well, but more important than that, the tech support at Magestore is great. You have helped us through many questions and have always been there for us. Buying a Magento extension is easy; having a company behind that extension makes the whole difference. Magestore is the whole difference.
AliceWhich extension in those do you love most?
GarthWe currently have over 25 Magestore extensions running on our site at, to pick the “best” is hard to do. There are some that are just background essential like the Ajax CartFAQMagento Gift WrapStore Pickup and Magento One Step Checkout. The extensions that we really need are Affiliate PlusCustomer RewardGroup Deal,  Auction and Magento POS. These extensions really help us define Taylor Stone and our offerings. More than anything, I strongly recommend Affiliate plus extension that significantly contributes to our Affiliate channel.
AliceWhy did you decide to run Affiliate program?
Garth: Affiliate Plus was picked to be our Sales Rep commission program tracker. We do not use it as a traditional referral program. We are working with Magestore to program Affiliate Plus to handle all of our commission situations. That is another great thing about Magestore, they work with you to make everything work for you ;) .
Alice:  Could you please provide me with some tools that you offer for your affiliates to refer friends like: banners, links or others?
Garth: Like we said above, we do not use the Affiliate Plus program as it was intended. We use it for our sales Representatives. Very similar situation, as our reps are paid for clients they bring to the brand as well as commission on other professionals and their clients. We are not (Multiple Level Marketing), so the Affiliate Plus extension works well, and will be prefect for us once we have added all of the commission structures into it.
Alice: Have you met any challenges when building Affiliate program? How could you overcome?
Garth: There are always challenges when installing and adjusting a program like this. You need to run examples, over and over, through the system and manually calculate the results to ensure everything is working correctly before you go live.
AliceWhat obvious benefit has the Affiliate plus program brought to your store?
GarthTaylor Stone has benefits from having all of our sales Representatives and Professionals all on the same program and can check there individual accounts without having to contact the head office.
Alice:  Some last words do you want to leave?
Garth: I recommend Magestore to people everyone that is looking for solutions. The cost value proposition is fantastic. The support and follow is attentive. Service that is the difference when working with Magestore and buying their solid built working extensions.
Thanks for your detailed answers and your time, Brodie! We wish you with good luck and prosperous business.
Take a look at his Affiliate program:
magento affiliate
(Affiliate plus page of Taylor Stone)
  See you next time in Magestore Magento Blog !

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Reviews of customers about Magento POS

There are some reviews of customers who used Magento POS of magestore.
  • WebPOS

    Having an online store as well as a physical shop, I purchased and have been using Magento pos for a few months to manage sales made in my shop. The interface is simple and I can manage my sales very quickly when I have clients infront of me. Apart from some problems with the VAT calculation which took a while to resolve, the solution is great and I really recommend it. The support is also very efficient
  • Excellent extension

    Purchased this extension along with One step checkout (also by Magestore) and very happy with both of them. WebPOS is great for taking offline (phone) orders. We had a small tweak we needed and the support staff were very helpful. Highly recommended.
  • Exactly what I am looking for

    It’s exactly the extension that I looked for. All steps to create order in backend are processed in one page. Support searching products by names/ SKUs, barcodes; place an order as guests or as existing customers… The trial version of Web POS was running well on my site and I was obliged to buy it.
  • Another Magestore’s perfect extension

    Pradeep Kumar
    This function is great. I am using One Step checkout with Web-POS feature integrated. Wonderfully now Web POS for Admin can run as a separate module. Highly recommend! :)
  • Support is really great and quick

    I just use the trial version and the support is really great and quick. The module helps create orders in admin panel conveniently and I saved a lot of time. Many thanks to Magestore - Peter

    Happy Customers


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As any other ecommerce store owner, you are putting many efforts to boost your sales and revenues before the end of the year. Important holiday occasions are coming near taking with them fruitful opportunities to encourage customer to put their money out of pocket.
Listen, your competitors are seeing the same opportunities as you, and if you don’t do something different, your can never make out of the holidays.
But don’t worry, I am going to suggest you some nice additions to your Magento store for holiday sales so you can give your customer better shopping experience, then they’ll win, you’ll win.
Still in doubt? Take a look to this infographic and gather some ideas.
6 Magento Extensions to boost holiday sales
Top Magento extension to boost holiday sales in 2013 Infographic
Have you got familiar with all these 6 extensions? I will explain more about how these extensions will help you:
1. Gift Card extension: Your Customers can send gift cards/codes of different values and prices to their friends or save for their future uses. The card itself is a type of viral content which helps spread your brand image.
2. Daily Deal extension: Occasional deals where you allow Customers to get discount for specific products in a limited time will be a memorable experience to your customers, particularly suitable for holidays or events. Yeah, it is a tool for inventory settlement too.
3. Promotional gift extension: Almost everyone loves free gifts, I love, you love and your customers love, too. So why don’t give them the chance to receive free gifts when shopping on your website? And make your customer clear about the gifts they are going to receive.
4. Gift Wrap extension: During holidays and events, people send a lot of gifts and presents to their families, relatives, colleagues and friends. Don’t let them go anywhere else for the gift wrap. With the extension, you can serve them well right from your Magento store.
5. Lucky Draw extension: You know that sweep-staking is a very effective tactics to drive traffic, new visitors and leads to your website. And you can hold simple lucky draw contests on your store with almost no extra effort with the extension.
6. Product Labels extension: Give your store some make-up work by product labels. You can place them to some of your strategic or seasonal products to improve sales volume on these products.

You may see that these extension are not only necessary for holidays, you can get them now or later. But now it is very near to important holidays, so decide quick or your competitors would grasp the chances before you.

Which extensions would you like for your store?

Why integrate Magento with a Point of Sales system ?

Recently as I have been rolling out more advanced versions of the Magento POS Extension, I have noticed that more and more merchants approach me and ask the same question essentially: Why Integrate Magento with a POS ? Here is a quick review of the advantages and disadvantages from the merchant’s standpoint of integrating to a POS:
Magento POS extension - Why Integrate Magento to a POS

  1. Never sell what you don’t have in stock. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues that this type of integration achieves. Once implemented, you will never end up overselling products and find yourself in a need to call your customers and apologize. In some worse cases you may find yourself dealing with refunding these orders and even trying to undo the whole packaging and shipping process, depending on how automated is your store.
  2. Understand the bigger picture of your entire catalog. Once you are connected to a robust POS likeRunIt and start accumulating data, you will gain knowledge that until now was based only on gut feeling. You will be able to understand your inventory patterns, like which type of products sell fast/slow in what time of the year. Or you will be able to better anticipate a hot item’s arrival and how fast you will expect it to become out of stock – this will enable you to order just the right quantities to perhaps not run out of it and at the same time, not leave you with a pile of unsold product in your storage.
  3. Share inventory online with your brick and mortar store(s), especially if you have more than one location. This is a bit difficult to explain but easily understood by merchants that reach this size. If you have multiple locations you are probably using some sort of a POS. Well, now you want to sell your catalog online and you want ALL your catalog to be online and you want to share your inventory from all your locations (why not?). Well, if this is not automated, this becomes an enormous task to overcome manually so I have seen merchants putting aside inventory just for the web, or sharing only one store’s inventory, etc. If you integrate your Magento website with a robust POS like RunIt, this entire process is fully automated for you.
  4. You cannot sell what you don’t have in stock. How can this be a disadvantage? well, some online stores offer products for sale that they do not have in stock and buy the products after the online order was placed. In theory you can still integrate with a POS but it is not designed for this and you are better off not integrating at all in order for you to not lose sales.
  5. Additional layer of complexity. One of the things that are easily forgotten when evaluating all of this aspect of a business is complexity. Please do remember that any additional system that you add will increase complexity and overall cost of ownership for the business. This means that you will have to train some people, very likely the webmaster or web marketing person inside your shop.
  6. Dealing with Two Catalogs of Products that are Meshed as One. This is essentially the main ingredient in the integration, and we actually pride ourselves of doing a great job of handling 95% of the data integration seamlessly behind the scenes. The reality is that when you integrate Magento with a POS you have two product catalogs: one for the POS and one for Magento. Integrate them correctly and they map one to the other pretty nicely. However, there will always be some items of the catalog that cannot be fully integrated as both systems are simply not built for the same purpose. For example, in Magento you will find much richer image management options for each product while in the POS you can only upload one image and that is it. Also in Magento you have full WYSIWYG control on how to present the product long description which is not handled as nice in the POS as it is certainly not targeting HTML browsers out of the box.
Overall know that smaller merchants are less likely to benefit from a POS integration while larger shops and small chains of stores will definitely benefit from having their Magento website integrated with their POS system. The bottom line is if you want to grow your business, and now is the right time to grow your online web store(!), you will need to integrate your online store with some sort of a POS.
Let me know if you think I may have missed some advantages or disadvantages…

 You will find the best Magento POS extension in

How to set up Magento POS extension for Magento sites?

1. What is Magento Pos extension?

Magento POS extension supports offline selling by enabling shop assistants/admin to create orders right from Magento admin panel just in one page!
Magento Pos extension - definition

2. Why should you use Magento Pos extension?

You know, a lot of businesses have both online and offline store thus many times, shop assistants/admins will have to carry out Checkout procedures for Customers, either in physical stores or when receiving orders through phone or email, which is really an issue. So, it would be great if this process could be fastened, helping save time for more profitable actions! You can try Magento Pos extension, you will be able to create orders quickly and conveniently from admin panel in just one page! What is much greater that a barcode reader is integrated into the extension, enables the item to be added to cart right away.

3. Its features:

  • All checkout steps are displayed simultaneously in one page and you can fill in or edit any step without waiting, going back and forth.
  • When you change Customer’s information such as address, other Sections: Shipping, Payment method, Order review will be auto-updated.
  • With the integration of barcode reader and Instant Search, items can be more easily added to cart.
  • To diversify your choices, 2 checkout modes (guest and existing customer) are provided, of which the latter can save you much time by auto-filling many data sections for you.
  • The extension supports Check/ Money order and Credit Card so that you can choose which method best fits your business.
  • You can add coupon code, gift message as required by Customers. Also, it’s very convenient to insert comment for the order, such as special instruction or their remarks about your products.
  • For those Customers who would like to keep updated with your products, you can help them sign up for newsletters. Besides, you can also take a quick survey and take note whether product has been shipped or not.
  • Besides, you are able to scan orders by Order ID or Customer’s name/email. In this way, you can easily view order list as well as quickly print invoice for your Customers.
  • With Magento Pos, you can also freely select your favorite style for the page layout so as to match with your store template. At the same time, you can choose to display this page in 2 or 3 columns.

4. How it works

Magento Pos extension - how it works

5. How to download and install this Magento Pos extension?

- Download as link below:
- Install:
  1. Go to System/Cache Management ->Choose Enable and Submit
  2. Use FTP client to upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento site root folder.
  3. Log in Magento administration panel , refresh cache
  4. Go to System/ Magento Extensions/ License keys, put your license key
  5. Log out admin panel and log in again
  6. Go to front-end and try to process

 6. Demo

Hope this extension useful for you!